Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smokey Cat-Eye w/ Pencil Liner

Stila Cosmetics Kajal Eye Liner - Onyx
Sometimes Gel Liners can be a little tricky to work with, so as I was rushing to get my make up done yesterday morning I thought how can I do a quick cat-eye with my I chose my most smudgable liner (Stila Eye Kajal) and my angled liner brush and this is what I was left with! I love that it's softer than my normal gel liner on days that I want a smokier look but keep the cat-eye effect. You go over the liner as if you were putting the gel on with your angled brush, then whisp it outward in a triangle shape and smudge the brush back in towards the eye.

Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx $18.00 retail

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Style Trend- Feathers and Hair!!

I was recently down south visiting family and my cousin in-law was sporting the most awesome thing I've seen EVER!! They were thin bird feathers in her hair! I was instantly obsessed and had to have them. Apparently the trend started on the West Coast in the US, and made it's way East/South. They are held in by small metal beads and you can wash, dry, straighten and style your hair as if there weren't forgein objects on your head.  If you decide to try this the next time you're at the salon, respond in the comments and post your pictures of your feathers!!

Shellac- Romantique

Recently I have been in the mood for a clean nude / ballet pink polish to sport on these hot summer days. So I've been wearing CND Shellac's Romantique which is exactly a mix between nude and a light ballet pink. When I first started wearing this color, it was very tricky to apply. The formula actually seemed to shrink if the coats were applied too thinly. This time around after some practice with French Manicures I believe I have the application down pat! I love this look, what do you think?!