Wednesday, June 29, 2011

QTOD- Dont deprive yourself!

I know when I'm trying to count calories I usually always end up failing some where along the line...the best way to handle cravings is to let yourself have a small portion of whatever it is that you ache for!! Sooner or later the "bad" things that your body is craving will turn slim to none. Portion control is key*

Friday, June 24, 2011

Falling In Love

Philosophy 'Falling in Love' Spray Fragrance No Color 2 oz

Philosophy's Falling In Love perfume has me breathless today...this unique scent is all at once, clean, sweet, and mesmorizing. When I'm unsure what I want to smell like for the day, this is always my "go to" scent. It's perfect for every season so you can never go wrong. Retails between $15-$60. Next time you find yourself browsing around Ulta pick up a tester bottle and spray away!!

Happy Friday everyone!

MAC Penultimate Eyeliner

MAC's Penultimate Eyeliner, was by far the most intimidating eyeliner I've ever tried to use. Today I decided to try this out again, and I didnt fail miserably!! The application is very precise and the pigment is true black. The tip is very "marker like" so if you dont mind a tad bit of tugging on your lid, this may be worth trying out. Any little miss-haps can be fixed with a pointed Q-Tip and make up remover.   Retailing at $17.50, you will definitely get your money's worth. This is going to be a great tool for me on the go!

Mac 'Penultimate' Eye Liner Rapidblack One Size

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

QTOD- Stay Hydrated!

I've been running alot lately, and to avoid cramping I have a glass of water (or G2) before and after to keep hydrated in this hot and humid weather we've been having here in NY. It's very important to stay hydrated so if you plan to run long distances you may want to consider carrying a small water bottle with you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shellac Gotcha 1.5 wk update

Plenty of growth and no chips yet! This color has definitely proved its self and I've gotten lots of compliments on how perfect it is for Summer, which NY has been hit wtih this week for sure!
I do have to say that after doing a couple friends nails recently, I've noticed that Shellac doesnt wear the same on everyone. If you are constantly cleaning or putting your hands in water (dishes, hairdresser etc...) Shellac may only wear about a week as opposed to the two weeks it's been said to. Dont be discouraged by this though, it most likely had already lasted longer than a typical manicure. I'm still 100% sold on this product, I've been obsessed since January and there's no turning back ;)