Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Treatment
This little bottle of amazingness has influenced my morning routine indefinitely! I have long blonde hair, and it's often a pain to wash, condition, brush, blowdry, straighten..yada yada yada...But when I started using this product my hair came out shiny, softer than ever and smelling like a tropical paradise! It does not leave your hair greasy, or filmy, just stunning. I use it before I blow dry on damp hair, and sometimes after, or before and after I straighten my hair. Just on the tips of my hair and at the roots of my hair line. It keeps those little "fly aways" where they belong and my hair looking healthy. Totally worth all the effort.

I've seen it retail anywhere from $10.95 to $31.00. Check your local beauty salon for stock, this is a must in my beauty routine :)

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