Friday, April 15, 2011

CND Shellac

I first found out about CND Shellac in January of this year and I thought how do I not know about this amazing invention?! My first salon experience left me a little unsettled (I can be so picky), as soon as I left the salon I was filling my husbands ear with "This one looks OK but these 4, what happened?!" and as soon as I got home I got right on line and looked up prices on a Gel Lamp and polishes...that was only the beginning...

If you dont know about CND Shellac it is a "14 day wear. Zero dry time. Mirror Finish." application. It is possibly the best nail polish experience I've ever encountered. The process takes apx 45 min total. The base coat cures under the UV lamp for 10 seconds. The first coat of color cures for 2 minutes, as well as the second coat, and the top coat cures for 2 minutes. You would think that it should take 10 minutes tops, not the case but when the top coat cures, you wipe the excess film off with a alcohol absorbed cotton ball and the mirror finish is remarkable! You can dig in your purse, do your make up or weed the garden immediately after application. No joke.

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